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Major Budget Change

January 28th, 2013 at 09:19 am

I had been hoping to get an apartment for $600/month which included furniture, internet, and cable (with HBO) with a private bathroom. Water was to be $10/mo and I had to pay my own portion of the electricity since the property would be student type living (roommate). But I wasn't able to get the deal that I was promised so it would now be $705/mo (that's including the water).

So now I'm looking at different places but WITHOUT a roommate. If I'm going to be paying that much I'd rather live on my own. Albeit I'll have to purchase my own furniture since I don't have any but that's okay. I only want a new bed with mattress, a table with chairs, sofa or loveseat, coffee table and a nightstand. I'd buy the bed/mattress new but the rest I'd get second-hand. My parents would actually give me one of the tv's that they have that has a DVD player on it. They just purchased a new tv and it's no biggie. haha!

But on my own I'd have to pay for electricity, water, and internet. I don't need cable because I have Netflix. I WAS hoping to find a place where I can pay $600/mo maximum for everything, but that probably won't happen.

I have two reasons that I want my own place.

I've NEVER lived on my own.

I went from my parents, to marriage, to a roommate when I become legally separated, to the Army, to deployment. Especially the last three years...

The second reason is just that I'm just over having a roommate.

I want to live on my own, be by myself and not have to consider someone elses feelings if I put something somewhere...

Whenever I get into another relationship I want to have that experience of just taking care of me. Technically I have been for the past three years but having to live day in and day out with several other people constantly and not being able to take a breather is just grating on my nerves!

So I'm aware that it may take me more gas than I had budgeted for but I'll just have to reduce my grocery budget. I wasn't planning on using the whole thing anyways. But I'll still put the rest towards bills of whatever is left over.

But that's life. To take what it gives you.

Just to let you know I've taken in consideration that I may not be able to find a place just for me. Which means that I WILL have to go the student type living. I've looked at another place where I would pay less than $600/mo. Private bathroom, water, internet and cable are included in the rent. But I would also have three other roommates. But it would allow for me to pay some things down and in a year I'd try another route.

Wish me luck!! =D

4 Responses to “Major Budget Change”

  1. snafu Says:

    It sounds like you'll be unsettled for awhile. We bought a terrific, self inflating airbed/mattress on sale at a camping/RV outlet. Cheap, easily portable ad far more comfortable than anything we imagined.

    If you can be comfortable in a 'Studio' apt., a futon does double duty as bed & sofa with a flick of the wrist.
    http://www.zoostores.com/shop/catalog/product/view/id/62430/s/fashion-bed-group-saturn-futon.html?lp&cat=711&utm_source=Nextag&utm_medium=CSEs&utm_term=www.zoostores.com&utm_campaign=fashion-bed-group-saturn-futon&utm_content=Futons&mr:referralID=39934910-6977-11e2-b779-001b2166c62d [hope link works]

    I suggest looking for TV type tables on CraigsList or yard sales since they are inexpensive, sturdy, portable and can function as side tables, or dinner with TV entertainment. You can outfit a kitchen-ette at Goodwill or any charity outlet for cheap keeping in mind that matchy-matchy is out of fashion.

  2. sian Says:

    i've found a bed/mattress on ikea which has drawers in it also. it's on the cheaper side altho it's still gonna cost money. i'm not sure if i can sleep on an air mattress at this point. a year ago i would have said no problem but now that i haven't been sleepin on even decent beds for the past yr i'm startin 2 feel it.. ugh!

    i can do the studio apt that's np. i've tried a futon and that's a no go. i'll look at day beds tho. but that really depends on if i get a studio or not. they're actually more expensive than the 1 bdrm and some of the 2bdrm are less expensive than the 1bdrm... go figure...

    i've already been lookin on craigslist and that's probably where i'll get most of my furniture (especially the free section lol).

    and i've NEVER liked matchy-matchy. does this mean i was ahead of the fashion world? lol

  3. snafu Says:

    For the convenience factor alone, before totally rejecting the idea, have the camping store demo a box spring & mattress unit for you to try. We do four month 'gigs' and this has been awesome for less than $ 100.

  4. Sian Says:

    i've never heard of that... so just a regular camping store will do?

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