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The Past Few Months

August 26th, 2017 at 10:58 am

Hello Everyone!

I keep posting intermittently but I'm reading everyone's posts although I'm not commenting. So a lot has happened since my last post. I'm back from training, which lasted a month.

First, I'm no longer homeless, LOL.

I did lose weight there but I've gained it all back and then some. I've had issues with my feet since then and feeling very fatigued.

A little over a month ago I moved into my new place which means that I'm no longer homeless! LOL. All my stuff was put into storage while I was training and then I moved the day that I go back. So my rent was $931 for a 1-bedroom at the old place and now it is $845 for a 1-bedroom at the new place. Which is almost $100 dollars difference. If I had stayed at the old place my rent would have gone up to $993 for a lease renewal. So in retrospect, I guess I've saved closer to $150 per month just by moving. I am almost all moved in, I really haven't that much time to myself to try and move. I do have a garage here which is $75 monthly, but it's worth it. I have a motorcycle (which is paid off) and I can keep it in there along with all my other boxes that I need to go through.

About two weeks ago, I was playing softball during PT (physical training) because her at this post we have "Iron Horse Week" which is when the whole post plays various games against each other ranging from soccer to flag football to swimming competitions. So I had opted to play softball. The only really good thing I can do is bat. I'm not good on catching or throwing. I had been playing for several days and had actually gotten better at catching. I had a rather large glove on though this one Friday and was playing catcher. I realized that it was too big and so I changed it out before the next play. Well now we had two people on base and we were trying to get a guy out on home plate. Well my teammate threw me the ball (it was thrown like a baseball at probably 50 or 60 mph. He was closer to me than pitchers mound but to far to run it. Well I tried to catch it but unfortunately I stopped it with my head...

I currently do have a concussion and still suffer from affects from it. It has been two weeks since it happened. Hopefully I can get a CAT scan or something next week. I am still having headaches and feeling woozy if I get up too fast from laying down. I do have issues with remembering some words but it has gotten better. Yes, I did go to ER as well as seen the P.A. at the clinic (twice). Remember I'm in the Army....

I've weighed myself today and I'm up to 219 lbs. I know I am a food addict, but I've also been sedentary for almost a month. Time to get moving. I've decided to juice and have smoothies for as long as I can, although I do need to eat for my various medication. I will eat a banana during that time. I need my body to juice "reboot" itself. I'm probably going to start my YouTube channel, I haven't really decided. I will be 41 years old in just three months. I want to feel better on my birthday than I do now. I'm tired of feeling tired and hopefully my medical issues will clear up for the better. I do have a goal outfit (a particular t-shirt and size 8 jeans), so I'll be trying those on weekly to see if the fit is better.

I still haven't had my tumor removed. I'm suppose to go in September to have it scheduled (it was suppose to happen yesterday but unfortunately they needed to reschedule that appointment).

I am suppose to be going to the promotion board next week in order to get my "P" status. I was confident before the incident but now I'm not so sure, but I will go anyways.

So I am going to get my health under control and also my finances. I haven't been really working on it, just letting it be passive, but I need to get back to it because I have financial plans and my finances need to be on point.

I will also try to get back to blogging as well. Feels good to write stuff down and make plans and to see how far my plans have come.