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July 8th, 2013 at 07:05 pm

While I stayed with my parents I have made a major decision.

I had already made the decision to change my MOS (job). Not only due to the injury that I sustained downrange but also to the fact that I'd prefer an MOS that had more mental challenge to it. The field I'm currently in is great if you want to be in construction. And although I actually like construction I'd prefer being a carpenter more than anything else.

I'm listening to my big brother while I make the decision as to what I want to change it to although he thinks I'm not listening (haha).

But my big decision is where to PCS (permanent change of station) to. Meaning where I want to try to change my duty station. This affects me a lot more than usual since they are changing the PCS rules. Before I joined it was two years that you'd stay at your duty station. Then when I joined it changed to three years. Now, it's going to change to FOUR years.

That's a lot of time a one place if you're single and one of the reasons that you joined was the ability to be at different duty stations.

So the big decision is for me to go back home. Meaning going to the post that my parents live at so that I would be staying with them for four years. In doing so, I would not only live with them during that time but pay them rent which would be $300/month.

My rent is currently $779/month (which it'll go down to $550/mo next month) which includes water, electricity, internet and cable. I'd save almost $500/month doing this. Which in turn means that I have an extra $500/month to put towards debt reduction.

What would actually be a bonus is if I was not only able to do that but also go into an MOS that had a bonus. Yes, I realized that it would be taxed but it's better than NOT getting a bonus at all.

Hopefully I can find out more in the next few months. There are a couple of programs that I can inquire about to change my MOS before my re-enlistment comes up or I can just wait until then...

But either way, it'll mean living back at home with my parents.

Maybe I can give them enough money in rent so that they can take a trip to Paris!

2 Responses to “PCSing”

  1. snafu Says:

    As a parent of mid 20 y/o DS, I wonder if you've discussed this in detail with your parents. I know in this area you'd not find a basic furnished basement bedroom to rent for under $ 450. plus your expenses for food and laundry. What are you prepared to do to make up for the discounted rental? How will you fit in with the rhythm of life established by your parents since you initially left? Can you co-operate? How will you feel if parents suggest you make different decisions about choices you're accustomed to making for yourself?

    I have friends who saved a lot of emotional trauma by having returned adult children sign a contract similar to what a tenant would sign, outlining services and responsibility of each making expectations clear.

  2. Sian Says:

    I've just spent a month with my parents and we didn't have an issue with integration. I am giving them rent but I would also be buying things for the house as well for home improvements. they mainly would prefer I just pay off my debt (they didn't expect for me to pay them rent). and my parents and I have discussed it in detail.

    both are retired and have they're own lives and they know that I will have mine. I also coupon which they would benefit from because I tend to buy in bulk. they always make suggestions to my life (i'm the baby) so that wouldn't be anything different. I usually ask for their advice anyways. i'll actually have the funds allotted to them out of my paycheck so that it wouldn't be an issue with receiving their money. i'd also be doin chores around the house. I don't mooch off my parents and they wouldn't let me get away with that stuff anyways.

    if they want me to sign a contract I will with no issues. my parents trust me to do what is right because to me, it's so much easier to do what's right than to do what's wrong. when i'm debt free and if i'm still livin with my parents then i'll increase my rental contribution.

    i'm actually helpin them get a kitchen if I live there and probably would be helpin them put it in also (my dad tends to do his own renovations).

    all is good in our hood lol =P

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