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Found an Apartment!

May 26th, 2014 at 05:59 pm

There are several things happening in the next two months. I've found an apartment with a GREAT deal. $99 move-in special. The rent includes water, cable and internet.

The rent doesn't include the washer/dryer. If I rent from the complex then it'll cost me $50 extra (I'm in the process of finding a cheaper one because if I spend $600 I could actually buy a brand new one for less...

Also my current roommate will be moving out and I'm looking for two roommates to cut down on rent.

It's about ten minutes closer to work so I'm hoping it'll cut down on about %50 worth of gas every month.

So I'll be moving a month earlier than expected but this will allow me to not be homeless for a day. LOL.

So at this point I'm looking for two roommates ($500 each all inclusive), and help with moving. I'll take the whole month to move because I believe that'll benefit me better. Less stuff to take out at the end.

So it'll only cost me about $200 to move but that's including the internet, cable and water.

I'm already advertising in two places for a roommate but there are also two other places that I will advertise as well.

I'm excited!