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New Cell Phone

May 1st, 2013 at 02:23 am

I bought a new cell phone today, for my parents that is.

I've actually been wanting to do this for years but have never had the means to do so. But today I purchased a new phone so that not only will they have their first smartphone but they'll be on my account.

I like the fact that now I will be able to get in touch with my parents whenever I actually need to at anytime.

They will only pay me either what they were paying before on their previous bill or whatever they want. They didn't have texting on their cell but now they will. So this is something that they'll need to get used to but I know they will. My mom is really excited about it.

I'm so proud of my parents going from flip phone to smartphone. It's a very large step for them but I'm very proud that they have made it.

My parents rock!


It only adds an extra $20 per month to my account so it's not really a big deal either. And that's with an increase in the data package!

Credit Reports/Scores

April 27th, 2013 at 02:50 am

I am currently looking at my credit reports and scores from all three bureaus. I am doing this for a number of reasons:

1. clean up report of anything incorrect
2. check to see if it looks better
3. looking to purchase a home within the next 6 years
4. check my credit scores

When I pulled my three scores from all of them, I was pleasantly surprised. I have just learned that not only did my scores come up A LOT, they are actually high enough to purchase a home!

I haven't had scores this high in a long time, but I'm glad that it has finally happened. What this truly means for me is that I no longer NEED to work for my goal which has been reached. But now I have a new goal.


Workout Jar Challenge

April 26th, 2013 at 11:55 pm

I have a new challenge for myself. Every day that I workout I put a dollar in the jar.

My only dilemma is to either put the money in savings or use the money to do something special for myself such as a massage or some other type of treat like that.

I believe that I will do that instead of savings. It's not often that I get massages and I haven't had one in soooo long right now. I may go for one this Saturday but that's because I haven't had one in almost two years and my knee desperately needs to be massaged. My physical therapist recommended it.

This is something that I'm looking forward to but it won't start til next month.

I'm also starting a weight jar. I'll have a jar filled with pebbles or something that will be the same amount of how many pounds I want to get rid of. With each pound gone I will transfer it to another jar that will be for the pounds that I HAVE gotten rid of.

I need a visual representation for what I want in order to have a goal to work towards. If I can't see it then it doesn't exist.

But I like these ideas (I did get them from somewhere else just can't really remember where).

Interest Rates Part 2

April 26th, 2013 at 11:45 pm

As of the end of this month, all my interest rates in all but the loan will be a maximum of 6&! YAY ME!

This means that my interest rates went from 17% for the timeshare to 6%! That's a HUGE savings for me. I'm glad that it's now down.

I will also guarantee that the ex's student loan is down to a 6% maximum because I'm in the military. Since we're still "married" then I can use the Service Members Act for that as well. It is currently already at 6% but this will stay that way.

Also the credit card interest rate will be down as well.

I will cancel the Capital One eventually. I need to check my credit report before I do that though. I know that cancel has adverse effects but this card has an annual fee and the adverse effects are worth it.

Good Things for April

April 22nd, 2013 at 01:25 am

Two good things happened this month:

1. Paid off the Emblem credit card. YAY!!

2. Auto insurance decreased by about $20.

So now I have to readjust the budget. I haven't set anything in stone yet and wasn't coming out with an actual budget until May.

I've also submitted the paperwork for all but one company to get all of my interest rates down which happens to be the credit card I just paid off. I'm going to start calling them this week to verify if I'm unable to verify it online.

But so far this is a good month. Looking forward to how things will go next month. I'll put up a budget later and see if I come close to that for debt repayments.

Interest Rates

April 5th, 2013 at 06:44 pm

I have several accounts where the interest rates are on the high side. So I contacted one of the student loans and they stated all I need to do is submit paperwork that I'm active duty and they'll lower the interest rate. Even though the actually have a copy of my orders stating that I was in Afghanistan they actually need another set. Go figure...

I am unable to get the car loan lowered but hopefully that'll change later on.

I haven't contacted the Emblem card people yet but they are next on my list.

The one that I was most surprised about was the timeshare people. All I have to do is submit paperwork then I can get the account interest rate lowered. THANK GOODNESS!

I am currently looking for a copy of my original orders (I'm unable to bring it up on my computer...) and then I will be faxing like a speed demon today!

I'm just ecstatic that the interest rate will be lowered from 17% to at LEAST 6% interest rate on the timeshare. That will help out immensely. Then I can actually go about really getting down that debt.

I'll do the credit card company as soon as possible so that they too can be lowered. I'm going to end up keeping that one and getting rid of the Capital One card because of the annual fee.

Well off to find my orders and to the office for faxing! YAY ME!!! =D

A Funny Thing Happened to Me...

April 1st, 2013 at 03:33 pm

Well a funny thing happened to me yesterday....

I had to get a new hard drive last month because mine was dying. So in it went.

I had to also re-install my genealogy software. Genealogy is more a passion than a hobby.

But when I first purchased this software 2 years ago, it came with a 6-month free subscription to Ancestry.com which I used. And this is why I purchased it anyways. Now I would need to purchase it for an annual amount of $155 or semi-annual of $77 which is what I was going to do anyways.

Well when I re-installed it yesterday it asked me to register. Which I dutifully did. Right when I registered it stated that I have received the 6-month free membership.

HUH?! But! UM! UGH! I can't tell it that I have already done this so NOW I get another subscription for free.... So I just saved myself $77 without even trying. LOL

OH well, this allows me to save up for when the subscription renews. =P