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Interest Rates Part 2

April 26th, 2013 at 04:45 pm

As of the end of this month, all my interest rates in all but the loan will be a maximum of 6&! YAY ME!

This means that my interest rates went from 17% for the timeshare to 6%! That's a HUGE savings for me. I'm glad that it's now down.

I will also guarantee that the ex's student loan is down to a 6% maximum because I'm in the military. Since we're still "married" then I can use the Service Members Act for that as well. It is currently already at 6% but this will stay that way.

Also the credit card interest rate will be down as well.

I will cancel the Capital One eventually. I need to check my credit report before I do that though. I know that cancel has adverse effects but this card has an annual fee and the adverse effects are worth it.

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