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Annnnd Starting Again

April 6th, 2014 at 06:36 pm

So I'm starting over again it feels like. Things happen an my savings have been depleted. If anything I may need to use my retirement funds if push comes to shove but that is only in a dire situation such as can't pay rent until I move (I'll be moving in several months. I've found a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment for about $1000/mo. I'll get 2 other roommates and it takes 10 minutes off of my commute.

My window for re-enlistment comes up in October so I'm wanting to change my MOS and try to get Korea in my contract. Which in the long run will save me money.

So in the meantime I haven't been following my budget because things come up but as long as I keep trying then it means that I'll eventually get to where I'm wanting to go.

2 Responses to “Annnnd Starting Again”

  1. Mooshocker Says:

    As a former officer in the United States Navy, thank you for your service to our country and to our fellow mankind!

    Now.....what is this?

    Sallie Mae: $10,087.64 @ 6% (forebearance)- GI Bill? Government Education Loans?
    Timeshare: $5,155.80 @ 6% - $85.07/mo - Military Housing?
    WF Student Loan: $5,532.28 @ 6% - $27.00/wk - See above?
    Apartment: approx $1,207.25 @ 0% - $10/mo - See above?
    Medical Collections: $8,140.23 @ 0% - $20/mo - WHAT????????????????????? You are military!!!!!!!
    Student Loans: $36,850.25 (deferred) - See above?

    Please expound on this if you wish!

  2. Sian Says:

    thanks for your support! we couldn't be able to do this without you! and thanks for your service as well!

    sallie mae is a personal education loan that my ex-husband took out but it's in my name. he's not paying on it so I am. it's actually not in forebearance so I need to update that.
    timeshare is NOT military housing, it's a timeshare. i'm paying that off and it'll probably take me at least 7 more years.
    wf student loan is also not in my name and in my ex-husbands. my parents are co-signers on it. he's not paying it and my parents were. they're both retired and i'm paying on it instead.
    apartment is an old place I stayed with when I was with my ex. there were damages to the apartment that they are insisting on in being paid in full. they wouldn't settle. so since there isn't any interest rate I figured that they can take the longest to be paid back since my ex isn't helping with that.
    medical collections is BEFORE I went into the military. it's the result of my kids and my medical expenses especially when I was laid off.
    student loans - I didn't opt for them to be paid (I should have Frown ) so they are being deferred at the moment (which will end soon if I don't go back to school) I could have them combined but since I can only do that once so I prefer to do that once I have my degree.

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